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A. gamma, X-ray standards literally "standard" objects yet, but better than nothing:
 HEARSAC a multi-mission astronomy archive for the EUV, X-ray, and Gamma ray wave bands

B. UV standards 
HST Spectrophotometric Standards
Bohlin et al. (1992)
23 stars based on IUE, optical spectra and the WD standards + 6 stars with IUE and model spectra

C. visible standards 
Landolt Standards
Landolt (1979,1983a,1983b,1992a,1992b)
photometric standard stars
UBVRI standard stars at northern declinations
Oja (1996)
123 stars between with V=6 and 11
The southern Vilnius photometric system I, II,III,IV
Forbes et al. (1993, 1994,1997),Zdanavicius et al. (1997)
about 200 stars
Color indices of the Sun in the Vilnius and the UBV systems
Strayzis & Valiaugas (1994)
Sun photometry
Optical spectrophotometric standards
Oke (1990)
25 stars (7 to 16 mag.) from 3200 to 10200 Å
Spectrophotometric standards
Massey et al. (1988)
25 stars (7 to 16 mag.) from 3200 to 8100 Å
Secondary spectrophotometric standards
Glushneva et al. (1992)
238 secondary standard stars in the range 3200-7600 Å with a 50 Å resolution + energy distribution for 99 stars between 6000-10800 Å
KPNO spectrophotometric standards: extension to 1 micron
Massey et al. (1990)
11 standards from 6600 to 10300 Å
Optical spectrophotometric standards
Hamuy et al. (1992, 1994)
10 bright standards and 19 fainter (10 to 14 mag.) standards from 3300 to about 10300 Å
White Dwarf primary spectrophotometric standards
Bohlin et al. (1995, 1996)
4 stars from 10 Å to 3 microns
Faint spectrophotometric standard stars for large optical telescopes
Filippenko & Greenstein
5 faint spectrophotometric standards between 3300 and 10,000 Å
HST Spectrophotometric Standards
Bohlin et al. (1992)
23 stars based on IUE, optical spectra and the WD standards + 6 stars with IUE and model spectra
Southern spectrophotometric standards for large telescopes I, II
Baldwin & Stone (1983, 1984)
spectra between 6056 and 10,400 Å
A series of faint spectrophotometric standard stars at +33 deg declination
Hickson & Mulrooney (1998)
21 spectra (3500-9200 Å) for 15th magnitude stars
An atlas of HST photometric, spectrophotometric and polarimetric calibration object
Turnshek et al. (1990)
with finding charts

D. IR standards 
K-band spectra of F8-M7 standard stars
Kleinmann et al. (1986)
26 stellar spectra from 2.0 to 2.5 microns
Spectral irradiance calibration in the infrared


Cohen et al. (1995, 1996a, 1996b),and other papers)

stellar spectra from 3 to 35 microns
Infrared standard stars
Elias et al. (1982, erratum)
JHKL, H2O, Co standards
An atlas of stellar spectra between 2.00 and 2.45 microns
Arnaud et al. (1989)
73 stars
IR photometry of ESO calibration stars
Van Der Bliek et al. (1996)
Bouchet et al. (1991), Bersanelli et al. (1991)
1-20 microns
Northern JHK standard stars for array detectors
Hunt et al. (1998)
86 JHK standards
JHKL photometry of 145 southern stars
Glass (1974)
145 standards
Faint southern JHKL standards
Carter (1990, 1995)
infrared standards
The AAO JHKL-prime photometric standards
Allen & Cragg (1983)
southern 1.5<K<6 standards
IR observations of southern bright stars
Engels et al. (1981)
infrared standards
KPNO spectrophotometric standards: extension to 1 micron
Massey et al. (1990)
11 standards from 6600 to 10300 Å

E. radio standards 
RRFID The Radio Reference Frame Image Database
Radio flux calibrator Zombeck, M. V., 1990, Handbook of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Second Edition (Cambridge,UK: Cambridge University Press)
VLBA Calibrator List list of VLBA calibrators
Interferometer phase calibration sources
Wrobel et al. (1998), Patnaik et al. (1992), Browne (1998), Wilkinson (1998)
2121 compact radio sources as candidate phase calibrators for VLBI networks

Various useful links 
The Standard Star Newsletter to keep astronomers in touch with all aspects of stellar standards IAU
Simbad basic data, cross-identifications and bibliography for astronomical objects outside the solar system
VizieR the most complete library of published astronomical catalogues organized in a self-documented database
CADC numerous archives and catalogues NRC-CNRC
AstroWeb a collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet
(STScI,MSSSO,NRAO,Vilspa,La Plata)
to query hundreds of different catalogs and services distributed around the world using a single interface CDS 
Hypercat catalogues of galaxies with nice interface to study their physics CRAL,OAB,OAC
AMASE multi-mission and multi-spectral data catalog in the NASA archives NASA
MAST data from the Multimission Archive at STScI STScI
World Plate Store historic astronomical observations taken on photographic plates during the first three-quarters of this century (in construction) OHP
skycat tool that combines visualization of images and access to
catalogs and archive data for astronomy
Aladin visual summary of the multi-wavelength sky CDS
SkyView any part of the sky from radio to Gamma-Ray domains NASA
IRSKY viewing the infrared sky IPAC
PHYSICAL REFERENCE DATA laboratory measurements (atomic spectra, molecules., gamma,...) NIST

...more links to come soon.
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